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From the Beginning

2019 marked the 25th anniversary since  Burnham Family Farm Market opened its doors in 1994. Anne and Paul Burnham opened Burnham Family Farm Market with the idea for it to be an avenue to provide their community with fresh and local produce. On their sixth-generation family farm, located between Cobourg and Port Hope on County Road 2, they grow seasonal fruits and veggies

“I was told years ago that our business would grow for a few years and then it would plateau,” says Anne Burnham, “but we’ve been so lucky with the community support that we’ve got, that we aim to please the people who live here, and they have been so supportive in return. It’s never stopped growing.” – Anne Burnham

When Paul and Anne Burnham first opened, they purchased the building along Highway 2. What started as a small family-run store gradually expanded into the bustling market visited by so many people each year.

The Burnhams have been supported by the local community for 25 years and in turn they give back to many charities as well. They have supported fundraisers, like those for United Way, the Northumberland Hills Hospital, and Ed’s House. They are also on committees for organizations like Horizons of Friendship, La Jeunesse Choirs, the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture, Northumberland Soil and Crop Association, and the United Way.

As the market continues to grow, Anne and Paul Burnham are planning for their daughter Katie to take over the market operation. She has worked alongside her parents for 16 years, and she is taking over aspects of the leadership. Today they act as co-managers and it’s expected, by Anne, that her daughter may edge her out soon enough. Paul and Anne are thrilled to see their legacy live on through their children.

They love being a part of such a great community. Building relationships with their customers and seeing smiling, familiar faces walk through their doors is a big part of why they do what they do. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Mandate

To provide our community with the best from our fields and our community.

“The goal has always been the same, and that is to run an honest business that can please as many of the people that come through the doors as possible. That’s still the goal, to do what we’re asked to do by the customers and to sell what we grow ourselves and to sell Ontario things and to run this bakery.” – Anne Burnham

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7760 County Road 2
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2024 Hours:

March 25 to December 23

Monday to Sunday: 9:00am-5:30pm

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